Thursday, June 9, 2016

Perfect Presidents!

Last week we had our Presidential Presentations! The students looked awesome in their costumes and loved having the opportunity to share what they learned about their chosen president. 

Alexa did a great job impersonating James Madison! Her hair looked great. Elizabeth brought in a perfect wig that made her look just like George Washington! Anthony wore a suit to present JFK while Maya was dressed head to toe in her Teddy Roosevelt outfit. 

Ledgy and Shyyon looked amazing but also different as Abraham Lincoln. Alaina wore an entire costume for George Washington while Carrington made an awesome mask! 
Sophia was one of two Bill Clintons and Savannah looked great as the only George W. Bush! Romeo had a great bead for Abraham Lincoln and Constantine made his own George Washington hat! 

George Washington was definitely popular! Celine, Caleb, and Kyler had their own unique costume to represent him. Ivana was our only Thomas Jefferson!
David looked great as our current president Barack Obama! Daria, Nick, and Pasquale looked great as JFK, Bill Clinton, and Abraham Lincoln. The costumes were so creative! 
Madelyn was our only Ronald Reagan, with curlers to match his hair! Joseph and Madison had great beards for Abraham Lincoln and Alex had the perfect George Washington jacket. 

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