Thursday, May 5, 2016

Adventures in the Solar System

We finally wrapped up our unit on the Solar System. This is by far Ms. Feeny's favorite Science unit and the students loved it as well! Students learned the order of the planets and facts about them, why there is day and night, and how to tell what time of day it is depending on a shadow.

Students played Solar System Scoot! outside in the hallway. Students read questions regarding the solar system and put answers on their recording sheets.

Students also were given a planet to research. Each pair of students researched information on their planet using their iPads. Students researched if their planet was an inner or outer planet, why their planet was named, and the average temperature. The students are becoming more efficient in using the internet to research a given topic.Ask your child about all of the things they learned about their planet! 
Maya and Sophia learned that Jupiter is known for its big red spot. This is a huge storm that is three times bigger than the Earth! 

Nick and Shyyon learned that Saturn is an outer planet because it is  outside of the asteroid belt. Alexa and Kyler learned that along with Mercury, Venus has no moons. 

Anthony and Joseph learned that Mars is named after the Roman God of War. 

Celine and Carrington learned that Saturn has bright icy rings. Madison and Savannah learned that Jupiter spins the fastest. 

Daria and Ivana learned that Neptune has an average temperature of negative 345 degrees fahrenheit!