Monday, March 7, 2016

Read Across America!!

Last week was Read Across America Week! We celebrate this week every year to honor Dr. Seuss and his many accomplishments. We read many of his books and had a great time participating in the daily themes!

Monday- Silly Sock Day!
Today we read Fox in Socks and I explained to the students what a Tongue Twister is.
I loved seeing everyone's silly socks! All of the students couldn't wait to show them off.

Tuesday- Oh, the Places You'll Go!
Today we read Oh, the Places You'll Go and students shared a picture of where they wanted to travel. Hawaii and Paris were very popular places! Students also wanted to travel to the Bahamas, Turks and Caicos, Arizona, Disney World, and LegoLand.

Wednesday- Wacky Wednesday!
Today was our wackiest day by far! Students got so creative with their wacky outfits. We read Wacky Wednesday and students pointed out all of the wacky things they saw in the book.

Thursday- Crazy Hat Day!
Today House Representative Bill Keller was gracious enough to come read The Cat in the Hat to the second grade class. Students decorated hats and wore them to the assembly. Afterwards, students ate green pudding! David also lost a tooth!!

Friday- Pajama Day!
Last but not least was Pajama Day! We read The Sleep Book and students watched Horton Hears a Who.  It was by far our comfiest day!

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