Monday, February 22, 2016

Multiplication Madness

I apologize for the hiatus. Unfortunately not all teachers are immune from the germs that go flying around the room!

Last week we wrapped up multiplication and moved on to Telling Time. The students played a memory match game using their multiplication facts.

Madison and Nick loved playing the memory match game. Madison used the 9 finger trick to help her figure out 6X9.


Alexa and Madelyn played together and Alexa was excited to show me her match!

Alex helped Joseph with his multiplication fact while Constantine and Caleb hoped for more matches!


Shyyon lined up his matches while Sophia and Ivana waited for Mya to figure out her multiplication fact.


Daria assisted Gabriel with his facts while Romeo waited patiently for his turn.


Savannah figured out her fact while David and Anthony waited for their turn.


Leidy tried to figure out the best cards to pick while Pasquale held on to his matches! Alaina and Elizabeth eyed up the next card they would pick.


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